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Great rallycross article in Road & Track!

Click here to read on the Road & Track blog!

Excerpt: “Rallycross is essentially a big, occasionally fast autocross on dirt. It’s growing nationwide because it offers 90 percent of the excitement of a stage rally for roughly two percent of the cost. You can run a bone-stock car, and many do, or you can build the rally replica of your dreams. Everyone’s welcome…”

Finally, 2011 Schedule for Area Rallycrosses + Mid-TN Status

First, I apologize sincerely for the LONG delay in getting these schedules posted. There have already been quite a few events in these regions, as Alabama is really kickin’ with some great organizers this year.

Sadly though, it seems that the TN Region (Nashville/Manchester) has lost its site in Manchester. And while we’re working on a couple of leads for new sites, all of our dates for 2011 are TBA until we can get deals going. If you live in Middle TN and know of someone with land we might be able to use, email me!

It’s funny…for a “Tennessee Region” blog, all I’ve got are dates for Alabama-area rallycross…but there are a bunch of them! Also, take note that Tarmac events are being planned for June, July, August, and September in Harpersville. Coming up the weekend of April 2 and 3, there will be a 2-day Rallycross event. I am going to try and make that, I hear Edwin and the gang down there are really kicking butt. (Click on one of the Alabama-Region links to the right for more info!)

Next event is March 26 at Greenbriar, AL.

Happy New Year!

Stay tuned for Southeast Division schedules for 2011, most likely by the end of January.

Rallycross in Greenbrier, AL: Saturday, October 9

Copied from TeamTac forum:
To the casual forum lurkers and passers-by; come run with us! Come and catch some ride-alongs…..or just spectate. What’s to like about rallycross???? Laid-back events, lots of seat time, minimal work effort….and who doesn’t like flinging a vehicle around a dirt/grass field??

As always, at TVR rallycrosses, register/tech and when you make a “recce” (parade) lap, if you decide you would rather NOT participate….then your entry fee will be refunded. Complete a timed-run and that deal is off. So, really nothing to lose…..and you may find out what some of us already know. Like the Dirt Dog says……….”this is the most fun you can have in your car, and still keep your pants on!


8:00am – Course setup/tech/registration
10:00am – Driver’s meeting
10:30am – 1st car off
2:30pm – Approximate end time of event

SCCA members – $30 max / $15 min (more entries lowers the entry fee)
Non-SCCA folks – Add $5 to the SCCA member rate.

Typically 4 timed runs + 4 timed runs. Free fun runs afterwards.
Each run is approximately 1 minute unless we do multiple laps.

The folks at the old BBQ restaurant in Greenbriar let us eat their hush puppies and fried catfish after the event is over.

All events are held at the Greenbriar site unless otherwise noted. The rallyx site is just off the Greenbriar exit of I-565. Exit#3. We rallyx in the north east corner of the interchange.

IRONMAN in Greenbriar, AL – July 9-11

IRONMAN, that’s right! 3 days of racing: Drag race on Friday, Autocross on Saturday, and Rallycross on Sunday.

Are you man (or woman) enough?!

Go to the TeamTac forum for more information.:

Friday Drag Race: Click for Directions.
Saturday Autocross: Click here for registration.

Sunday’s Rallycross:
08:00 Course setup/tech/registration
10:00 Driver’s meeting
10:30 1st car off

SCCA members – $30 max / $15 min (more entries lowers the entry fee)
Non-SCCA folks – Add $5 to the SCCA member rate.

4 timed runs + 4 timed runs. Free fun runs afterwards.


Rallycross in Manchester, Sunday June 27

Behind John Roberts Toyota,
2610 Hillsboro Rd, Manchester, Tn 37355, ph#(931) 723-4444
Click for map

Registration and tech starts loosely at 8a.m.

We start running at 9a.m.

The Ramada Inn
2314 Hillsboro Blvd., US 41 & I-24
Manchester, TN 37355
(931) 728-0800

We highly recommend staying at the Ramada Inn, it is nice and clean and relatively inexpensive and we use the banquet room for our get-together. In the morning it has breakfast served there. Mention SCCA when you make your reservation to get the discount. Cost is $50 per room for 1 or 2 people. If you have more than that in one room, talk to ‘NISH’ or nancy and see what they will charge you. This includes an executive continental breakfast each morning. They have a beautiful breakfast buffet area that we are going to use Saturday night for eating, drinking and socializing.

$30 for the event on Sunday

We will need help putting on this event, please post at the TRSCCA site if are willing to help and in what capacity. Also post there if you have any questions..

Video of the site is here:

Manchester, TN event on Apr 24 + 25, Canceled

Due to heavy tornado weather on Saturday, people coming in from out-of-town, and a potential for the site to be rain-soaked, we have canceled the event for both days. We had to call it on the seat of our pants while gauging the conditions every few moments, and the best information sharing at the time was me in Manchester (sans internet) calling Randy at the computer, updating the TRSCCA forum thread, here.

For future notice, I have created a Twitter account for TRSCCA Rallycross event status so that we can offer real-time updates in an easy-to-access format.