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Great rallycross article in Road & Track!

Click here to read on the Road & Track blog!

Excerpt: “Rallycross is essentially a big, occasionally fast autocross on dirt. It’s growing nationwide because it offers 90 percent of the excitement of a stage rally for roughly two percent of the cost. You can run a bone-stock car, and many do, or you can build the rally replica of your dreams. Everyone’s welcome…”

Finally, 2011 Schedule for Area Rallycrosses + Mid-TN Status

First, I apologize sincerely for the LONG delay in getting these schedules posted. There have already been quite a few events in these regions, as Alabama is really kickin’ with some great organizers this year.

Sadly though, it seems that the TN Region (Nashville/Manchester) has lost its site in Manchester. And while we’re working on a couple of leads for new sites, all of our dates for 2011 are TBA until we can get deals going. If you live in Middle TN and know of someone with land we might be able to use, email me!

It’s funny…for a “Tennessee Region” blog, all I’ve got are dates for Alabama-area rallycross…but there are a bunch of them! Also, take note that Tarmac events are being planned for June, July, August, and September in Harpersville. Coming up the weekend of April 2 and 3, there will be a 2-day Rallycross event. I am going to try and make that, I hear Edwin and the gang down there are really kicking butt. (Click on one of the Alabama-Region links to the right for more info!)

Next event is March 26 at Greenbriar, AL.

Happy New Year!

Stay tuned for Southeast Division schedules for 2011, most likely by the end of January.