Turkey Rallycross in Greenbrier, AL: Saturday, November 20

Copied from TeamTac forum:
To the casual forum lurkers and passers-by; come run with us! Come and catch some ride-alongs…..or just spectate. What’s to like about rallycross???? Laid-back events, lots of seat time, minimal work effort….and who doesn’t like flinging a vehicle around a dirt/grass field??

As always, at TVR rallycrosses, register/tech and when you make a “recce” (parade) lap, if you decide you would rather NOT participate….then your entry fee will be refunded. Complete a timed-run and that deal is off. So, really nothing to lose…..and you may find out what some of us already know. Like the Dirt Dog says……….”this is the most fun you can have in your car, and still keep your pants on!


8:00am – Course setup/tech/registration
10:00am – Driver’s meeting
10:30am – 1st car off
2:30pm – Approximate end time of event

SCCA members – $30 max / $15 min (more entries lowers the entry fee)
Non-SCCA folks – Add $5 to the SCCA member rate.

Typically 4 timed runs + 4 timed runs. Free fun runs afterwards.
Each run is approximately 1 minute unless we do multiple laps.

The folks at the old BBQ restaurant in Greenbriar let us eat their hush puppies and fried catfish after the event is over.

All events are held at the Greenbriar site unless otherwise noted. The rallyx site is just off the Greenbriar exit of I-565. Exit#3. We rallyx in the north east corner of the interchange.


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